The Saiolan International Antenna.

Project DIBI – Aurrera Debagoiena.
15 June, 2016
Garaia Innova. I
1 February, 2018

The Saiolan International Antenna.

Using the Saiolan International Antenna, we promote connectivity between foreign companies offering innovative solutions and Basque companies wanting to diversify, with the aim of helping to create new business activities within our ecosystem.

Seeing that Basque companies often need proposals to diversify to inspire entrepreneurship , Saiolan works at identifying companies that offer innovative solutions with guaranteed commercial success in their counties of origin that still don’t operate in Europe, and which are open to collaborating with Basque companies to enter Europe for both sales and partial or complete manufacturing over the medium or long-term.

This initiative operates along two operational lines called “Antena-Internacional”: COMPANIES and “Antena-Internacional”: START UPS:

  • Antena Internacional COMPANIES : The search for non-European foreign companies with innovative solutions and proven commercial success in their country of origin that would like to collaborate with Basque companies to enter the European market. This offers companies opportunities to diversify.
  • Antena Internacional START UPS: As opposed to “Antena-Internacional” Companies, this involves working with start-ups. The aim is to search for highly innovative proposals in the commercial phase, but which are yet to become established.

Along with the previously stated offers, we use Saiolan to offer the specific searches service for foreign companies with interests that companies put forward.

Since 2009, this operational line has generated an international network of trustworthy, very important collaborators to provide the service. Additionally, direct contact with the company and in situ visits with customers for their solutions are considered essential when comparing the value of the solutions and the potential for collaboration.

The COMPO GLOBAL SOLUTIONS project, currently in the commercial phase, is an example of work undertaken during recent years by Saiolan in this area. COMPO GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, S.L. , was created by three companies from Debagoiena thanks to the collaboration agreement with the Japanese company, CHUBU ECOTEC CO LTD., to supply their industrial composting machines across southern Europe. They are widely used in Japan but unknown in Europe. Their main benefits involve their great processing speed for organic material, generating fertiliser rich in nitrogen and a complete lack of odour in the environment. These can now be made use of in Europe at animal farms, public organic waste management facilities, and on treatment sludge thanks to this new company created in Mondragon.