SPRI. Invest in Basque Country

Garaia Innova. XV
27 June, 2019
Garaia Innova. XVI
29 July, 2019

SPRI. Invest in Basque Country

Invest in Basque Country” is a working group from Grupo SPRI involved with securing and maintaining foreign direct investment (FDI). The objective is for foreign companies to choose the Basque Country when weighing up locations for setting up in Spain or Europe.

Foreign companies often look for local companies to help with their set up, which can be an opportunity for Basque companies. Using a specific team in conjunction with Saiolan, here at Garaia we work closely with Invest in Basque Country to channel potential opportunities to companies within our ecosystem.

As a window into foreign investment projects, “Invest in Basque Country” provides the following services to foreign companies:

  • Specialised background information, including consultations with experts (clusters), organising and coordinating scheduling for meeting, company and institution visits, and business development processes (regulations, industrial and intellectual property auditing, markets, etc.)
  • Personalised support, involving identifying strategic partners, searching for the best location, grants and incentives, funding, and relationships with investors, searching for collaborators, advisers, etc.
  • Project development support (after-care), with advice on business development available along with specialised consultation through associated entities, employee selection and training, collaborating with clusters and other entities established in the Basque Country, and the Basque Science, Technology, and Innovation Network.

During 2014-2016, “Invest in Basque Country” worked on 195 FDI projects, 44 of which ended up setting up in the Basque Country. According to their indicators, those projects created 888 new jobs and helped to maintain 2137 jobs.