Project DIBI – Aurrera Debagoiena.

Collaboration with the University of Nagaoka.
15 June, 2016
The Saiolan International Antenna.
15 June, 2016

Project DIBI – Aurrera Debagoiena.

This project started at the end of 2015 and involved the Garaia Technology Park and the Debagoiena District Development Agency, supported by expertise from Saiolan and the collaboration of BIC Gipuzkoa.

The main objective is to activate the industrial fabric of Debagoiena, integrating aspects of innovation, participation, and cooperation across a range of social, educational, and business stakeholders that commit to sharing knowledge and developing sustainable shared projects over time that transform and impact the community and economic structure of the region.

This led to several initiatives to improve competitiveness among companies:

  • R+D socialisation: The aim is to bring financially affordable R+D to SMEs through cross-company collaboration. This led to the implementation of the process that will identify companies open to collaborating with companies from their same segment in order to improve their products or services. It involves making use of each other’s skills and resources to meet the needs of everyone involved in the process.
  • The DEE-CED community: Different players from Debagoiena combine forces to create a community of businesses to activate the Debagoiena industrial fabric, combining elements of innovation, participation, and cooperation among different business stakeholders. It involves socioeconomic innovation that targets creating working environments to drive and reactivate industry in the region.
  • DOC initiatives: To bring the sector’s latest innovation to companies in the ecosystem. Twice yearly, the relevant experts discuss the main issues and technologies in the sector during a monographic 1-hour session.
  • Ikasleak Erakarriz: This aims to attract students to show them the activity taking place in the Garaia building, and subsequently, the entire park. It involves actions with younger students, aiming to increase the number of entrepreneurs and students choosing technical courses.
  • Business and Technology Transfer: This aims to provide business and technology transfer to industrial companies. The aim is transfer business or technologies in the industrialisation phase, having been created by TCs, universities, or discovered in the international domain, to companies in the ecosystem to help them diversify their business portfolio.