Collaboration with Nagaoka University

In the framework of the TOP GLOBAL UNIVERSITY CAMPUS programme, promoted by the Government of Japan, the Nagaoka University of Technology has signed a collaboration agreement with Mondragon University to promote an exchange of students between MGEP and the Nagaoka University of Technology.

DIBI Project – Aurrera Debagoiena

It was established in late 2015, including the participation of the Development Agency of the Commonwealth of Debagoiena and the GARAIA Innovation Hub, supported by the expertise of Saiolan and the monitoring of BIC GIPUZKOA.

Saiolan International Antenna Service

Saiolan works in the detection of foreign companies with innovative solutions to connect them with companies from the Basque Country. Within this service, we differentiate between the following: Antenna-International-COMPANIES and Antenna-International-START-UPS.

SPRI. Invest in Basque Country

“Invest in the Basque Country” is a working unit of the SPRI Group, specifically dedicated to the collection and maintenance of foreign direct investment (FDI).