At GARAIA, we can provide follow-up during all phases of your business project. This applies regardless of whether the project is at an early stage, during in its growth phase, or already consolidated, or its legal form or company size.


At GARAIA, different agents come together to intervene in the process of innovation: University, Incubator, Cluster, Technology Centres, Living Lab, and Industrial Property Agencies. This makes it a unique ecosystem that favours entrepreneurship and the launching of new businesses.


To be linked to GARAIA, means to be part of the largest networks of knowledge and technology transfer at the national and international level, such as the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), the European Business Network (EBN), and the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), among others.


The region where GARAIA is located encompasses one of the largest industrial concentrations in Europe, with a high degree of internationalisation and technological development, which makes us a worldwide reference in certain areas of specialisation, such as Advanced Manufacturing, New Materials, and Big Data.


Through the different initiatives and programmes in which we work, alongside the Regional Development Agency and other agents, we boost intercompany collaboration and the development of common projects, in order to achieve greater competitiveness among our companies.


GARAIA offers you different options to be installed in the park, giving you the flexibility you need, depending on the stage in which your project is. We have an incubator for ideas/projects in the early stages, co-working spaces for projects in the growth phase, proprietary offices in modules that are adaptable to specific needs, and the possibility of building a proprietary building in the technology plots prepared for this purpose.


As part of GARAIA, your brand will be linked to concepts such as innovation, technology, and knowledge. In addition, your logo will be incorporated into the Business Directory on our website, and we will give you visibility through our social networks, on which we will publish your news and promote your events.


At GARAIA, you will enjoy a working environment surrounded by nature, which is pleasant, equipped with modern facilities and above all dynamic, giving you the possibility of sharing experiences, exposing ideas, participating in different group activities, and attending workshops, courses and events of interest that are organised on a daily basis.


GARAIA is part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, a business group with deep roots in the Basque Country, created by and for people, inspired by the Basic Principles of its Cooperative Experience, and committed to the environment and to wealth generation in society.