GARAIA is integrated in the district of Debagoiena, also known as Alto Deba, in the geographic centre of the Basque Country, to the southwest of Gipuzkoa and bordering with the provinces of Biscay and Araba.

The Alto Deba takes its name from the Deba River, which crosses the region from south to north through spectacular natural landscapes, such as the Aizkorri-Aratz Park and the surroundings of the Urkulu Reservoir.

The area of Aizkorri-Aratz is characterised by an abrupt relief, with a good extension of the original forests (formed by beeches and Pyrenean oaks) with differences in height that reach about 1,000 m between the embedded valleys and the peaks and featuring depressions, slopes, canyons, sinkholes, and karst basins.

Along with Arrasate, a village founded in 1260, the district is made up of the municipalities of Antzuola, Aretxabaleta, Bergara, Elgeta, Eskoriatza, Leintz Gatzaga and Oñati.

The great medieval heritage of the area is visible in the buildings and details of its streets, particularly in the beauty of their old districts, integrated in the heart of the municipalities.