The generation of an industrial ecosystem with a high added value has demanded that that companies in the GARAIA environment have leading Technology Centres to meet their needs. Its innovative attitude is channelled through its 15 technology centres and Business R&D Units (IK4-Ikerlan, IK4-Ideko, IK4-Lortek, Fagor Aotek, Cikatek, CS Stirling Centre, Edertek, ETIC, ISEA, Koniker, Leartiker, MIK, MTC-Maier, Orona EIC, and ULMA PTC) which are positioned at the vanguard of technology in Europe and participate in a number of national and international research and technological development projects.

These Technology Centres and Business R&D Units cover various industrial sectors, such as Transport, Industrial Equipment, Energy, Sustainability and Health, based on different fields of knowledge, such as Mechatronics, Power Electronics, Advanced Manufacturing, Embedded Electronics (TEICs), Efficiency and Storage, and Micro-Technologies.

This concentration of technological capabilities makes the GARAIA Ecosystem a privileged place for industrial companies that have a high technological component and compete internationally, or intend to.

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Internal research and development centres
Invention patent lines
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Internal research and development centres
Invention patent lines
Technology Centres and Business R&D Units
IK4-IDEKO Technological centre specialising in machine tools.
IK4-IKERLAN Research centre specialising in embedded systems, power electronics, micro-technologies, energy, mechatronics, and advanced manufacturing.
IK4-LORTEK Technology centre specialising in joining processes.
AOTEK Unit for the development of automation and optical technologies.
CIKATEK Unit specialising in the development and research of assemblies and components in polymeric materials.
CS CENTRO STIRLING Centre dedicated to sustainable energies in the home environment.
EDERTEK Unit specialising in casting processes.
ETIC-INNOVATION CENTER Cloud computing innovation centre.
ISEA Centre for innovation in advanced business services.
KONIKER Centre specialising in forming and assembly processes.
LEARTIKER Centre specialising in polymer technology and food technology.
MIK Centre for research in business management.
MTC-MAIER Centre specialising in the development and research of automotive assemblies and components made using thermoplastics.
ORONA EIC Centre for innovation in lifting.
ULMA PTC Technology centre in the field of bottling and packaging technologies.