“A space-ecosystem for encounters, interaction and integration in which new opportunities are generated. A scenario where innovation becomes a strategic and competitive factor for business and social development”

It is a public-private initiative established by the MONDRAGON Corporation, supporting the scientific knowledge of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Ikerlan and technology centres, and the support of public institutions at the highest level.

Located in a region with a fertile industrial network and an innovative tradition, the GARAIA Technology Park promotes cross-sectional relationships between companies, technology centres and universities through a collaborative model, making it the ideal setting for the location of new companies with a technology base and entrepreneurs who wish to start up their business ideas.


  • To create and transfer knowledge:With the support of the university and the technology centres.
  • To transform products and businesses: With the promotion centres.
  • To generate qualified employment: In collaboration with local companies.
  • To create wealth: With technology centres, companies and promotion centres.
Promotion Partners
Arrasateko Udala
Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia
Eusko Jaurlaritza